Revitalizing a historical botanical garden with modern ideas & design



Strategy, Identity, Way-finding, Promotion


Define an unique value, Tell a brand story, Create a consistent brand identity


Hospitality, Recreation, Non-Profit Organizations



A long-time establishment in Pasadena, California, the Descanso Gardens are a volunteer-supported botanical gardens. They had recently hired a new Executive Director who asked us to help him "recraft the brand" of the organization and present a "revitalized" vision to the public and greater Los Angeles.



With a limited budget, we identified key areas to focus on - for guest experience at the Gardens as well as identity - to explore and re-create. With the identity, we created something modern, yet still classic and "botanical" that could be a substantial foundation to a more expressive set of visual elements. We used bright colors to support the design and a graphic, organic motif to help emphasize the joy of botanics. We then focused on way-finding, promotional flyers, and a dramatic face-lift to their membership newsletter that could engage members more.