Affymetrix BioTech software that boosts efficiency of DNA scanning and analysis



Product specifications, User-Model, User-Experience, Visual User-Interface Design


Build a compelling interface that optimizes efficiency of use and supports the brand





We spent several days understanding the basic operation of the hardware product that the interface needed to support; as well as understanding the users' clinical work-style. Our challenge was to both create an interface that didn't overwhelm users with too much information, could provide some "at-a-glance" key information, and then of course build on and support the overall company brand.



Our solution focused first on segmenting the process by which clinicians went about the job of using the hardware and working with samples - we mirrored that process with exposing key functions in the product to match their regular practice. We optimized our Views to show users the most appropriate information for the particular stage of work they were doing - and no more. Our visual design optimized for visibility but also emphasizing the brand as this was to be the “flagship” product for 2017.