Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf



Packaging Design, Brand Strategy


Define & Tell a Brand Story, Raise Brand Awareness, Differentiation


Food & Beverage



A tired coffee & tea brand, based on Los Angeles, but with global franchises, CBTL was watching as Starbucks and Pete's as well as other boutique coffee brands were slowly taking over and becoming consumers' "3rd Place" - and realized they needed to reinvigorate the brand and find some way to recapture their place in the market.



After looking carefully at competitors as well as looking at trend-data, we also investigated the roots of the CBTL brand and saw the long-history of first being a purveyor of coffees and teas to other companies. With a rich past of relationships with plantations all over the world, we knew we could revitalize the brand by emphasizing that connection the brand has to the actual farming and harvest of the coffees and teas. We created all unique hand-watercolored illustrations for everything from backgrounds to foreground elements that appeared on packages and even in-store on ceilings and walls.