A Smart “Concierge” for your Personal Computer



Strategy, Design


Launch a new product, Simplify customer experience, Own a new category


Computer, Technology



Dell wanted to “win” with computer owners - providing confidence and trust that Dell Computers could be more easily maintained and kept up to date than the competition. Things like drive optimization, virus scanning, etc. This was strong user-feedback and a marketing effort that drove the creation of the product. Dell needed a modern, trust-worthy interface to go along with the technology.



Key to our solution was to both provide a simple interface, and very sophisticated looking visuals that could instill trust. From a User-experience standpoint, we wanted to build in a feeling of “intelligence” into the product - so the system would do things for you before you realized you were having a problem - yet at the same time not allow the system to feel like it was slowed down by the use of this software. The solution was certainly a balance between thinking ahead for what would help users and providing easy access to tools and choices.