Our Plan



User-Research, Product Design


Develop a tool that can dramatically improve the efficiency and ease of construction planning


Construction Planning



DPR Construction, one of the largest construction companies in the world, responsible for some the most notable and complex corporate headquarters-building projects approached Zaudhaus with the vision to design and deliver their own platform for managing their complex and comprehensive building projects. The digital platform would tie together a diverse set of legacy industries that together had not modernized (much) in the building industry. We needed to not only design a product that could work, but also needed to "speak the language" of the audience and work on modern platforms for cement companies to plumbing. 



After several months of shadowing building crews while they worked on some of the most notable building projects in the nation, we identified the common "push-pull" system of building planning - and sought a way to digitize that experience. Focusing on that as a "design center" ensured we'd develop a user-model that all types of parties involved in the process would be somewhat familiar with both language and graphic metaphor. The solution mimicked several of the familiar elements of the traditional, physical system of post-it notes and white-boards, yet also optimized the process with the benefit of centralized digital.