A partnership-driven restoration construction service that restores sanity



Research, Strategy, Communication, Design, Implementation


Tell an unique story, Own a new category, Develop a strong internal culture





The construction industry, especially insurance-based, catastrophe reconstruction is plagued with confusion, mistrust, and skepticism. Revive Restoration was formed out of a consumer's bad experience and the desire to disrupt the industry. From the start, the goal was to develop a brand that people could trust and even more would promote transparency and breaking the status quo.



We developed an identity from the start that was simple, strong, and "no BS." The tone of voice was casual enough to be grounded in truth, yet still trustworthy and professional. We created a graphic system that was both sophisticated, yet simple that showcased the work that the company was doing - real photos of people, sites, and more. The typography style in the print brochure really emphasized the simple approach of "putting it out there" that the company was promoting.